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D2N Trading And Services Corporation (D2N CORP) is a leading regional information technology, consulting and business process services company. We harness the power of cognitive computing, hyper-automation, robotics, cloud, analytics and emerging technologies to help our clients adapt to the digital world and make them successful.

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About us

dynamic to network

The "Dynamic To Network" of D2N CORP is the core of D2N CORP. These are our Values. It is about who we are. It is our character. It is reflected consistently in all our behavior. The Dynamic To Network is deeply rooted in the unchanging essence of D2N CORP. But it also embraces what we must aspire to be. It is the indivisible synthesis of the four values. The Dynamic To Network is a beacon. It is what gives us direction and a clear sense of purpose. It energizes us and is the touchstone for all that we do.

Our services & offers

What we do

Professional Services

  • Consulting
  • Migration
  • relocation

Design Engineering

  • Business Analysis
  • Transformation requirement analysis
  • Long term and Mid Term Network Planning
  • Short Term Planning
  • Evaluation of plans with customer requirements
  • 3 layered (Business - Technology - Quality) verification

Turnkey projects

  • customer interviews
  • business analysis
  • requirements analysis
  • design (bom, approvals,..)
  • implementation (configuration & testing...)
  • hand over

new trends

  • iot devices
  • robotic
  • Connected Ecosystems
  • Spy Equipment
  • digital transformation
  • Analysis & Consulting

not just products, but solutions

Offer customers solutions, not just products. Our strong portfolio of technology-leading and emerging vendors provide you with the most innovative Security, Collaboration, Networking and Data Center solutions.


When information falls into the wrong hands it’s more than just a data risk, it’s your customers’ reputations that are at stake. As the leading IT services company, we know security will always be a key technology since it encompasses and protects all of the industry. We provides you with the portfolio, tools and support to safeguard clients’ information and reputations. Through our expansive global network, decades of channel experience, our experts tailor solutions to help you capture more revenue.


Everyone expects seamless interactions anytime, anywhere. That is what the Unified Communications and Collaboration helps you deliver every time, everywhere. With access to one of the world’s largest specialized vendor networks, you can scale and grow your business, from any location to any location.


Faster than the world rotates the need for global connectivity is evolving and the demand is only accelerating. You need a strong networking supplier to help you build up the networking infrastructure with the breed of the art. We will assist you to make it happen.

data center

Information is everywhere. How are you going to help your organization to manage it all? That’s why you need D2N CORP on your side. We enable you to build compelling end-to-end data center solutions and beyond it.. We offer a portfolio of traditional and cloud data center solutions, including server, network and storage consolidation, desktop virtualization and virtualized unified communications solutions that enable you to advance information management on a global scale.

Our commitments

We are the

D2N CORP works with global companies worldwide providing various professional and managed services across multiple technology streams such as Cisco, IBM, HP, DELL, Polycom, Avaya, Bosch, Axis, Milestone, etc..

Core Capabilities

Our technology experts and business professionals analyze research, design and implement solutions in the areas of:
* Consulting

* Technology

* Managed Services

Business Code of Conduct Compliance & Ethics:

We are committed to an environment where open, honest communications are the expectation. We want you to feel comfortable in approaching your supervisor, management or local human resources (HR) representative in instances where you believe violations of our Business Code of Conduct or policies or standards may have occurred. We have found that concerns, issues or questions can be addressed more quickly when handled at the supervisor or manager level. However, in situations where you prefer to place a report in confidence, you are encouraged to use our hotline.

How we work

Do all the best

Our Commitments define who we are, how we work, our priorities and our values.


Our customers have a choice, and how we perform determines whether they choose us. We aim high, set ambitious goals and deliver results, and we use customer feedback to recalibrate when necessary. We move quickly and make timely, well-reasoned decisions because our future depends on them. We invest authority where it needs to be, in the hands of the people closest to the customer and the work.


We are a company of ideas that are nurtured by a commitment to research and development. The achievements of our founders inspire us to reach always for the next innovative and powerful and marketable idea. We seek and share ideas openly, and encourage diversity of experience and opinion.


Our employees' ideas and inspiration create opportunities constantly, and without limits. We improve continuously everything we do, as a company and as individuals. We support and pursue lifelong learning to expand our knowledge and capabilities and to engage with the world outside UTC. Confidence spurs us to take prudent risks, to experiment, to cooperate with each other and, always, to learn from the consequences of our actions.


Successful businesses improve the human condition. We maintain the highest ethical, environmental and safety standards everywhere, and we encourage and celebrate our employees' active roles in their communities.

Product portfolio

Wholesales products

D2N CORP is a value-added technology distributor of category-leading solutions in Audio / Video conference, Collaboration, etc..

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